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Stain Removal & Protection




stain removal

& protection


 Many stains can be of a complex nature and will require patience and knowledge of appropriate cleaning solutions to effectively remove them. We use our experience and expertise to determine what fabric, fibre, dyes and finishing agents have been used and which treatments are best suited to gain the optimum result for you.

Unfortunately some attempts to remove a stain using domestic products are at best ineffective, at worst they actually set the stain, so no amount of work by a professional will remove the stain. This is why we leave all our customers with a complimentary bottle of professional stain remover to enable them to deal with spillages more easily.

The Benefits of Stain Protection 

One spill can permanently damage your carpet or furnishings.

We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure and recommend you invest in having your carpets and upholstery protected.

Protectors, such as PROmite, when professionally applied provide an invisible protective seal that will help protect your carpets from unsightly spots and stains caused by food and beverage spills. 

PROmite also combines the benefits of dust mite control in one spray application, which will cover each and every fibre of your carpet & furnishings  with an 'invisible shield' that will eliminate house dust mites for 12 to 14 months. It is totally safe for you, your children, your pets and the environment.

Top Tips

We would always advise that you call a professional rather than attempt DIY stain removal. We are always happy to offer advice – we’re only a FREE phone call away !

If you need to attempt a DIY approach we hope the following tips might be of interest.

“Stay calm!”

  • Keep the fabric or carpet as dry as possible.
  • Do not over wet, so as to soak into backing materials
  • Scrape up or blot up any excess spillage prior to treatment
  • BLOT/DAB as much of the spillage into a white paper towel or plain absorbent cloth, (use as many paper towels as necessary).
  • Do not use inappropriate detergents on carpets or upholstery i.e. (washing up liquid, washing powders, household bleach, disinfectants.) These will usually cause discolouration or set the stain.
  • Always work from the out side of the stain inward to avoid spreading
  • Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent spotting material not directly onto the carpet or fabric
  • Deal with stains as quickly as possible for increased chances of success

Dried In Stains 

  • Mix up a detergent solution of two litres of tepid water + a quarter of a teaspoon of carpet shampoo + one eggcup full of white vinegar.
  • Rewet the stained area using the detergent solution applied on a piece of cotton wool.
  • Blot using kitchen roll as above.

Greasy Stains

(ie chocolate, butter, lipstick, some oily food stains, some Inks)

  • Apply small quantity of surgical spirit to some cotton wool or cotton bud.
  • Using the lightly soaked cotton wool apply to the edges of the stain working inwards to the centre.
  • Gently press (blot) with plain kitchen roll, and repeat as necessary until the stain no longer transfers. Do not allow penetration into the backing of the carpet or foam filling materials on upholstery. Some fabrics may darken initially during this process.
  • Using a detergent solution on cotton wool, dampen the area and follow up by blotting with kitchen roll.
  • Dry, using hair dryer, continually moving over the damp area. (This will help to prevent water marking)

Water Based Stains 

(i.e. tea, coffee, fruit juices, wine, some basic food stains)

  • Soak up spillage immediately using absorbent material, or suck up with a wet pick up vacuum.
  • Rewet the area using tepid water on a small piece of sponge or cotton wool.
  • Blot with dry absorbent material such as kitchen roll, and repeat as necessary.
  • Dry with hair dryer keeping the dryer moving all the time, (this will help to prevent watermarking).

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