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Our services include :

Free survey, advice and written quotations

Spot, stain & odour removal

Anti-Static treatments

Fire retardant applications

 Carpet cleaning with :

Hot Water Extraction (Steam)

Host Dry Extraction & Dry Fusion bonnet buffing

Neutral PH cleaning processes

Upholstery cleaning

                                                                                             Curtain cleaning 

Protective treatments

Infestation control

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We tailor our cleaning service to meet your organisations requirements. Our attention to detail and exceptional level of customer service have ensured thousands of customers are delighted with their clean, fresh smelling, rejuvenated carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery.

We’ve invested in the best cleaning systems to ensure that we are able to clean your carpets and soft furnishings in the most appropriate way to achieve the best results every time.

Our products will be expertly applied, in a safe manner following our rigorous Health & Safety procedures and  will be delivered by considerate, trustworthy and friendly professionals.

 Our technicians are trained to the highest standards by The National Carpet Cleaning Association and we offer out of hours cleaning to suit your requirements.

We are happy to offer free no-obligation written quotations and advice prior to starting any work - we have almost 20 years experience and are happy to share it - simply call us on the most convenient  number on the left.

We happily accept all major credit cards in addition to purchase order for customers who have a trading account with us.

Our services include :

Spot, Stain & Odour Removal

We use specialist techniques to permanently remove stains that include killing the source of the stain/odour to ensure it is removed completely - if we can't remove a stain/odour no-one  can !

Many stains can be of a complex nature and will require patience and knowledge of appropriate cleaning solutions to effectively remove them. We use our experience and expertise to determine what fabric, fibre, dyes and finishing agents have been used and which treatments are best suited to gain the optimum result for you.

Unfortunately some attempts to remove a stain using domestic products are at best ineffective, at worst they actually set the stain, so no amount of work by a professional will remove the stain. This is why we leave all our customers with a complimentary bottle of professional stain remover to enable them to deal with spillages more easily.

Anti Static Treatments

Static is created by friction between carpet fibres and moving objects such as shoes or electrical field currents from electronic equipment such as computers.

Static build up represents discomfort to your staff and can be a real danger to sensitive electronic equipment, which can be damaged by a static shock.

Our anti-static treatment puts down a layer of aqueous ionic charge on the surface of the carpet to increase conductivity and eliminate the problem. This treatment prevents the build up of static and thus drastically reduces the chances of your staff or your equipment receiving a shock.  


Fire Retardant Applications

 Flame retardants save lives and property and protect the environment by helping to prevent fires from starting. We can treat most potentially flammable organic materials  with special treatments to make them more difficult to ignite and spread fire.

Use of these additives - flame retardants - plays a major role in fire prevention. We can apply flame retardants to curtains, carpets & soft furnishings.

The application of a flame retardant reduces the chances of a fire starting by providing increased resistance to ignition. Even if ignition does occur, flame retardants will act to delay the spread of flame, providing extra time in the early stages when the fire can be extinguished or an escape can be made.

Carpet Cleaning With :

 We are one of only a few companies who are able to use all the most popular types of cleaning systems and can therefore offer impartial advice on which system will get the best results for your particular environment.

  • Hot Water Extraction (Steam)

Our specialist  equipment is used to spray heated detergent solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and it is immediately extracted along with the suspended soil particles.

It also employs rotary brushes to work the solution into the pile and loosen soil and is most commonly used  on high usage areas, walkways, dining and bar areas.

  • Host Dry Extraction

 The HOST® Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System is a simple and effective method using tiny soil attracting sponges which are worked into the carpet with contra rotating brushes prior to being extracted, leaving your carpets dry and ready to use immediately.

  • Dry Fusion bonnet buffing

This method employs an absorbent pad ('bonnet') attached to the bottom of a rotary machine. Detergent solution is sprayed onto the carpet and the rotary pad is used to agitate and remove the soil suspended in the solution from the carpet and is used most often for large areas of low profile synthetic carpets or areas which need to be back in use quickly.

Click the "play" button below to see a short video demonstration.

  • Neutral PH cleaning processes

Our specialist equipment uses novel technology that removes the heaviest soils from the fibre at pH 7.2. Such a neutral pH is approved by all carpet fibre manufacturers and carpet mills.

                                                                                             Upholstery cleaning 

Regular cleaning will extend the life of the upholstery fabrics significantly, as well as keeping them looking and smelling great.

Using detergents specially formulated for upholstery fabrics, using the latest wet and dry methods we can rejuvenate your tired chairs and sofas, leaving them clean, fresh and bright once more.

                                                                                             Curtain cleaning 

Cleaning your curtains is just as important as cleaning your carpets.

Curtains catch a lot of dust, soil and odours not only from the inside, but also from the outside when your windows are open. Smoke and nicotine from cigarettes damage and break the soft fabrics of your curtains.

In many cases, curtains can be cleaned while hanging to ensure you suffer no disruption. In special cases, we will undertake our curtain cleaning service off site and swiftly return your bright, fresh and clean fabrics.

We utilise high-powered and modern extraction machines to remove the most amount of dust soil and pollution during the curtain cleaning process.  We employ specialist curtain cleaning chemicals that are both environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Infestation control

We offer a cost-effective insecticidal treatment to remove the carpet beetle which can damage furniture, curtains and carpets.

Adult carpet beetles are oval and vary from about 2mm to 4mm long. They feed on pollen and nectar from flowers, and lay their eggs in old birds’ nests, felt, fabric or accumulated fluff in buildings. The larvae (often known as ‘woolly bears’) are about 9mm long and distinctively hairy and striped.

You may notice the cast-off skins as the grubs moult, or well-defined round holes along the seams of fabric. The lifecycle takes about a year with the grubs being most active in October before they hibernate.

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